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  • Eclipse HTTP Agent ändern

    Falls man sich jemals in der Situation wiederfinden sollte, in der man mit seinem Eclipse einfach nicht den Weg ins Worls Wide Web findet (um z.B. Eclipse Plugins zu installieren) obwohl man den Proxy soweit richtig eingestellt hat, dann befindet man sich mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit in einem großen Unternehmensnetzer mit Agent-Blocking-Proxy. Zum Glück gibt es […]

  • Tomcat: Change the Version and Display Name of your Application

    In case you ever wondered how to change the version and display name of your application in tomcat here is a quick solution for that: Version Before you upload your .war file to Tomcat rename it from MyApp.war to MyApp##1.0.war. This will include the version number into your deployment and it will be visible in […]

  • Remove all divs of a certain Type/Class

    An easy way to remove all div elements of a certain class is to use the JQuery remove() method. For example: … meaningful stuff meaningful stuff meaningful stuff … will be completely removed by calling: $(“div.myClass”).remove();

  • Highlight div Block on Hover

    If you ever wanted to highlight a block on your website while hovering over it – this two code snippets might the solution for your problem: … content of the div block you want to highlight … The implementation of the two JavaScript functions for the onmouseover/out events should look like this: function boxOffHover(divBlock) { […]

  • How-To increase the Java Heap Space

    When developing Java applications you sooner or later might run into a situation where Java does not have enough heap space. The main to reasons are: your application has a memory leak, or it really needs a lot of memory. This is often the case when you develop J2EE apps. To assign java more memory […]

  • Apple’s Tablet Vision in the early 90’s

    I found this video on youtube about how Apple saw the influence of technology on our education. Interesting to mention here how you can do video calls with this tablet.

  • Convert PDF into Greyscale/Black and White

    Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange. PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system. Although PDF documents are typically represented in RGB or CMYK color, it is possible to convert them to grayscale […]

  • Wie ich den Untergang Russlands gegen Kanada erlebt habe …

    Es ist Mittwoch und wir machten uns auf das Viertelfinalspiel Russland gegen Kanada in einer Sportsbar auf St. Laurent in Montreal anzuschauen. Der heftige Schneefall machte den fünf minütigen Spaziergang zur Bar beinahe unerträglich. Dort endlich angekommen nahmen wir Platz im ersten von drei Stockwerken der sehr geräumigen Lokalität. Wir bestellten das erste Bier (ein […]

  • Apache Click on Google AppEngine How To

    Browsing the web today I found this interesting tutorial on how to get Apache Click running on Google’s AppEngine. Maybe I might even consider to get Apaches ODE running on the AppEngine. Would be a nice experiment. Maybe somebody of you folks out there already tried this.

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